Are you thinking about Wedding Video?

You’ll always remember your wedding day.

However those details can become sketchy over the years and you’ll forget so much detail that made your day special. There’s the moments you don’t actually see, the guests tears, laughter and reaction. Listen back to your vows and dad’s speech and enjoy watching your guests mingling with one another throughout the day.

The moment when your nan hugs you is there forever, video allows you to look back at your your parents and grandparents with one another.

You’ll look back at your video noticing how much of your day you actually didn’t see.

The style of wedding video has changed so much in recent years and because of this video is becoming just as important as the photography for a lot of couples. In most cases you’ll never really know that we’re filming, nothing is staged or set up, we work around you and your day.

When choosing a wedding videographer it’s important to choose the right company. There’s only one opportunity to get things right and opting for the cheapest video can end up being the most expensive mistake you make. Every wedding has a budget and in most cases the budget gets spent early on! It can be tempting to end up shopping on price alone or get a student or someone starting out.

But this is your wedding day, the one day where everything needs to be right.

The amount of coverage you have is your choice but we usually arrive as hair and make-up nears completion to capture the natural elements of the day. Groom preperations can also be covered including the ceremony, guests mingling, that first kiss right through to the first dance and longer if you prefer.

The natural, unobtrusive style means we aim to capture those moments from the first look in the ceremony, the whisper in your ear, bride and dad dance, mum’s tears. It’s spontaneous and relaxed.

Finally your wedding video is provided on USB plus a complete digital download option where family and friends can watch and download your film for free.