In days gone by a videographer was always given more importance that a photographer at Asian weddings, but with the days of traditional video becoming scarce couples are wanting a photography package that is far more contemporary, showing both classic and reportage styles.

More than ever before, Asian weddings need to be photographed and filmed with style and impact.

To some couples and families their wedding photos and film are not that important to them, so if you’re not that bothered about either then we aren’t the right company for you. If however your photography and film is a priority then choosing the right photographers and videographers is absolutely essential.

For any Asian wedding Kam has a team that offers a contemporary style yet still retains the traditions and customs that continue throughout the day. The highs and lows of emotions are captured without you being aware of the photographers and video even being there for much of the day. We’ll guide you but we won’t dictate your day.

It’s also reassuring for you that Kam is one of the most established photographers in the UK, so if you do book Kam to personally cover your wedding day you’ll be choosing one of the very best. In April 2013 Kam held a private exhibition of wedding images that was viewed by over a thousand people in a week attended by journalists, photographers, brides, grooms and students that received rave reviews.

We have an understanding of different languages and our experience with English and Italian weddings combined with the requirements of say a Sikh wedding, provide the highest quality of service with emphasis on the bride and groom enjoying the whole photographic experience.

Finally, we’re happy to cover any locations throughout the UK and abroad but do advise early bookings.


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Questions and Answers

Asian weddings can vary greatly in requirements and this naturally affects the price. You can choose to have as little or as much as you like, so to make your enquiry easier when you contact us we’ve listed some useful questions –

Would you like Photography, Video or both services?

Would you like us to cover both the bride and groom’s side or just one?

Where are the locations you would like covered?

Would you like pre-wedding party coverage and any other additional days?

Are your wedding photos important to you? If you’re not that bothered about your photos or are looking for the very cheapest possible option then we probably aren’t the right company for you.

If you would like video would you like a ‘directed’ service on the day or would you prefer a more natural style where filming is as everything happens, so you don’t really know the video is there on the day.

Our prices for joint photography and video packages start at £3500.00  If this starting price exceeds your budget or you don’t value the cost of your photography and film then we aren’t the right company for you.

Asian Wedding Photography & Video

Price Guide

As the requirements for Asian weddings vary from customer to customer, we are unable to list package prices in detail. At the same time we don’t like to hide our prices or make them up on the spot.

The average cost of a joint photography and video package starts from £3500.00 and if you’d like additional extras such as extra days, cranes, drones etc; this adds to the cost.

If our starting price exceeds your budget or you don’t value the cost of your photography and film then we aren’t the right company for you. You will find others who will offer much cheaper packages, but in most cases it ends up being an expensive mistake.

Most couples now ask for their wedding video to be far less intensive and more discreet on their wedding day than ever before. However you’d be surprised that the style of the traditional videographer trailing a cable using eye watering lights still exist and those videos are too long, not flattering in anyway and let’s be honest nobody ever really watches it.

Our style of video is far less intensive and a more enjoyable experience without you being aware of filming taking place during the day. As with our photography, we don’t dictate and ask you to replay every moment of the day. We use cinema cameras (not DSLR’s) that create a much more natural and modern look.




Mandir Paul

We received an incredible service from you guys. Kam was amazing from start to finish and helped us plan everything. At no point did we feel overwhelmed by photos.

Santi Patel

We spent ages looking for the right photographer for our wedding and everyone we met seemed to be the same. From the moment we met you we knew we wanted you to photograph our day and a number of people commented on how good you were. Thank you so much.

Sarah & Kuldip Rai

We were really unsure that we would find someone who could photograph our Indian ceremony and then the Church the following day and get the right balance. When we saw your work it was great, but the person that 'sold' us was Kam, so much so that we weren't even looking at your work, we just trusted Kam with everything he said! We love what we have so far and that's just the proofs!

Mia & Zaheer Milu

We've always hated photographers at weddings because they seem to take over. With you it was the complete opposite, you guided us when needed and gave us time to take it all in. Kam's advice of 'not photographing everything that moves' was exactly right! Thank you, we'll be in touch when my sister gets married.

Rani Virdee

Thank you for my proof photos, we're going to really find it difficult to choose for the final album. I'm happy for you to use my testimonial for advertising because I can say to everyone I changed my wedding date and delayed it by three months to suit Kam's availability. If anyone wants to book these guys you're going to be very lucky to get them!

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