Next Wedding Show this Sunday 28 Jan 2018 – The Sharnbrook Hotel

The Sharnbrook Hotel hosts the next wedding show which we’ll be at this coming Sunday 28th January 2018 from 11-3pm. Entry is free and will feature a number of wedding suppliers for you to talk to.

Wedding shows can be tiring as visitors can feel under pressure from exhibitors and you don’t really know who the reliable and professional suppliers are until you actually work with them, so we’d say the suppliers exhibiting at this show are all very very good and if you do use any of them for your wedding they will be reliable. We know first hand the hotel management and show organisers only let reliable businesses take part.

So if you’re planning your wedding day or looking for those last minute ideas and inspiration it’s a show worth attending.

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The Barns Hotel Bedford Wedding Open Evening 18th Jan 2018

The Barns Hotel in Bedford is one of the most popular wedding venues in the UK ad we’ve been their recommended photographers and video for more years than we can remember. The service they provide on a wedding day is outstanding.

The hotel is hosting a Wedding Open Evening tonight Thursday 18th January, which is free to attend from 6-8pm, it’s a great opportunity to look around the venue without it getting too busy, as the preferred supplier for wedding photos and video we’ll be there together with the other main preferred suppliers for the hotel including the florist, cake makers, entertainment and venue dressing. If you have time to attend and are looking for a wedding venue or have already booked the venue it’s worth coming along.

If you can’t get there this evening and are looking for prices for your wedding photography take a look at;

Essential photos you must have for your wedding day

When thinking about your wedding photos and looking for the right photographers for your day it’s important to look beyond just the sample photos you see either on a website or sample wedding albums at a photographers office. As well as being able to take great photos you should feel confident that your photographers are able to guide you by suggesting essential photos you should have taken, photos that you may not be aware of.

We always say be wary of ‘natural, fly on the wall’ type photographers, the ones that say ‘we do it all naturally’ etc. The photos of the table settings may look great, the candid shots of your guests laughing will look fantastic but what if the photographer doesn’t get the right photos with your mum and dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents?

A lot of photographers ignore taking family photos as they simply don’t like organising people, they don’t feel comfortable or lack confidence and hide behind the camera.

A combination of posed and natural images captures your day perfectly.

The best photographers can shoot the natural photos as well as organise people in a relaxed manner and get those family photos, the very best ones do it in such a way that it looks effortless. Unless you’ve actually seen your photographers working at another wedding you never really get to find out what they are like until your actual wedding day. The biggest nightmare is that he or she is a bag of nerves and misses photos you assumed were going to be taken.

As your wedding photographers we feel we have a responsibility to you as the bride and grooms. We aim to capture everything we possibly can including the natural atmosphere of the day with lots of natural photos where you and your guests are unaware of us being there on the day, we’ll do more stylish photos of the bride and groom whilst ensuring family and friends photos that are important to you are all taken.

You may love those natural images but would you replace those photos with the bride and groom with the parents? Or the proud dad about to walk the bride in to the ceremony?

Top Questions you need to ask your wedding photographer

This is the time of year when a lot of wedding shows take place and you may be doing the rounds and visiting several. You’ll no doubt come across photographers and videographers but where do you start, what are the questions you need to be asking?

Here’s our top questions you need to be asking;

  1. Are you a full-time professional photographer?  If the answer is ‘no’ then avoid it, you need someone totally dedicated to your day and the job.
  2. How experienced are you and how many weddings do you shoot each year? Never use a photographer with less than three years experience, the best professional photographers are shooting a minimum of 20 weddings per year.
  3. What cover do you have in place if you are ill on the day or have an unexpected emergency and can’t attend the wedding? This is vitally important, your photographer should immediately tell you who that cover is and you need to feel fully comfortable with this.
  4. Price List – Make sure prices are clear and upfront, if you have options to choose products such as wedding albums after the wedding you should know the exact prices before you book. This price list is a good starting point
  5. Look at the photographers work and make sure that the photos and samples you are shown are real wedding photos and not models or staged shoots. A lot of photographers attend a family or friend wedding and take photos as a guest and imply that they were the official photographers on the day.
  6. Visit the photographers office and avoid those who only display a mobile number as their contact details on their website, you need to know that they have a professional set up. Be wary of those who want to set up a ‘coffee shop’ meeting.
  7. Be comfortable about asking all of these questions, it’s your wedding day and you need to ensure you have the best photographers and videographers you possibly can.



Why your wedding video is priceless

Wedding videos are now completely different to those shot a few years ago, the days of endless VHS footage that nobody watched are long gone. The style of videos shot today are cinematic in style, in other words they don’t look like a ‘video’, they look more like a polished film. Our aim is really simple; we want to provide you with a wedding film that you watch over and over again. On the actual day we don’t want you to really know we’re even there on the day, it’s natural and emotional. We want to make you laugh, we want to make you cry.

One of the main reasons why our wedding videos are so popular is that they are no more than about 45 minutes long, the creativity in the final edit means that you’ll never want to fast forward through any bits just in case you miss something and because the films are short really will watch it many times and share it with family and friends. Once you have your final film you are welcome to copy it yourself and send it to others or if you provide us with email addresses we can send anyone your final film to download for free.

The cinematic style of many of today’s wedding videos is achieved by using cinema cameras and we use the Canon C100 ll together with second and third shot cameras which are used without any additional lighting on the day. The best film are those captured using natural light and these cameras allow us to film in very low light conditions. Imaging your first dance, your live band, DJ or mood lighting experts have set the perfect mood, what you don’t need is a video camera with a huge light or even a small spotlight to take that atmosphere away.

Family will come and go, your grandparents, parents and other close family won’t be around forever and you’ll always be able look back at walking up the aisle with your dad, or capture your mum helping you with your dress. Nobody will appreciate this more than you.


If you break a church wedding down in to sections here’s some of what can be captured on video;

The atmosphere of you the bride getting ready with your bridesmaids and family, your mum adjusting your veil just before your dad see’s you for the first time in your wedding dress. Fast forward to the groom with his family, Bestman and Ushers as they nervously shuffle around practising their speeches. Without video the bride doesn’t see what happens with the groom’s preparations and the same the other way round.

Arriving at the church with guests and capturing the arrivals of the cars, the groom nervously sat at the front of the church as Bride and dad link arms. that first look in the church..WOW.

Let’s stop there, I think you’re getting the idea of how priceless your wedding video has already become.

Weddings at The Sharnbrook Hotel

This little preview is form Tracey and John’s wedding day just after Christmas, although the weather was dry it was windy and after the rain the day before the guests wouldn’t have been happy outside. Fortunately The Sharnbrook Hotel is one of those venues that work with us and allow us time and areas inside the hotel to get those large family and friend group photos taken.

When looking for a wedding venue make sure you check that there are suitable and accessible areas on your day in case the weather isn’t great.

2018 Wedding Shows!

A new year and off we go with a number of forthcoming wedding shows with more to be added as the year progresses, we’ll be at the following;

Sunday 14th Jan 2018:The Bedford Swan Hotel 11-3pm
Thursday 18th Jan 2018: The Barns Hotel, Bedford 6-8pm
Sunday 21st Jan 2018:The Bedfordshire Wedding Show at The Sharnbrook Hotel  11-3pm
4th March 2018: Woodland Manor Hotel, Bedford  12-4pm

All shows are free to attend so please come along and visit our stand as well as a number of other suppliers.

Happy New Year!

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