Check the credentials of your wedding photographers

In the last week we’ve had two enquiries from couples who are getting married this year and their photographers have let them down; one enquiry came via our Facebook page and the other was a phone call. Unfortunately we weren’t able to help as their dates were fully booked in our diary.

We can’t stress how important it is for you to check the credentials of the photographers/videographers you are using and it’s something that we’ve mentioned in our blogs many times over the years. Established, professional companies won’t let you down, so it’s vital you check the track record of whoever you decide to use.

Our view is that the two photographers who let these couples down this week should have had a contingency plan already in place when they first starting offering their services as ‘professionals’. We hope the two couples who have been let down have managed to find reliable.

It’s really important that when you make a booking you are 110% confident that you won’t be let down.