What happens to your wedding photos after we’ve shot them?

So your wedding day is finally over; you’ve left the venue and your family and friends have all gone home with great memories; the wedding cake is shared, the dress is packed away and you’re probably getting your inbox and social media filled with photos from guests.

But it’s the professional photos and video that you’re really waiting for, that excitement of picking up the proofs and choosing your favourite images for your final wedding album.

It surprises us how many people think our day finishes at the end of your actual wedding day, for us the work begins immediately after your wedding.

Once we leave the venue it’s straight back to our office regardless of what time we finish, your images are downloaded from the memory cards, photos on one PC or Mac and video on another PC, plus an additional back up of everything on an external portable drive system, this is the first of a series of ‘back-ups’.





If you’re wedding is over a weekend first thing on Monday morning your photos are edited ready for proofing, which you collect two weeks after the wedding day. Once the images have been edited they are backed up on a QNAP sysytem at two different sites as well as a cloud system. At this stage we now have a total of 4 back ups of your wedding images.

Several weeks later after you have chosen your images for the final album we provide you with all of the digital files as we have had an opportunity to colour correct everything. We then start work on the design and proofing of your wedding album and on your approval it moves on for final production.

Once everything is completed and you’ve received everything you’ve ordered your images are re-saved on our 2 QNAP systems (one office based and another off site), and re-saved again on an external cloud system. This leaves us with three back ups of your wedding photos PLUS the digital files that you now also have. External portable drives can be unreliable for long term back-ups so we only use these for short term saving.

This all may sound like a long process; it is, but as we have powerful systems we have the capability of doing it all quite quickly. Although we have these systems in place there is still no 100% guarantee that technology won’t fail; as professionals we do everything we possibly can to protect your photos.