Wedding Video Preview – On a rainy day!

A wet, drizzly Saturday meant that pretty much all of Sarah and Barry’s wedding photography and video had to be covered inside, the only images we got outside were with the drone of the hotel’s taxi taking the bride and groom for a drive! But having the drone was great as it added a different dimension to the footage we got, it was short but dramatic.

Other than the weather the day was great, everything else went to plan and we’ve mentioned it here several ties on our blog before but what do you do on your wedding day if it rains and you can’t get outside?

1. Plan for it, make sure you choose a venue where you have options for photos inside.

2. Choose a wedding photography and video company that know how to deal with these situations and can deal with it effortlessly. On Saturday we had 150 guests to the ceremony and these guests had to be ushers, directed and photographed without it impacting on the day. Ask your photographers if they can handle this type of situation.

We were lucky on Saturday in that we were at The Sharnbrook Hotel, by working closely with the team there we worked a plan that made sense for everyone and that takes time, effort and confidence to do;m at the end of the day we have to do what’s best for the bride and groom’s wedding day. This doesn’t happen by chance, we’ve been to several venues over the years that don’t help and work as a team; they have strict rules and if it’s raining outside they often say we can’t use other rooms for photography as the bride and groom had not booked and paid for extra room use! It sounds ridiculous and it is ridiculous.

So make sure you speak to your venue and see how flexible they are in the event of bad weather; what help will they give your photographers to ensure your wedding photos are the very best they can be?